Sunday 6 January 2013

The world needs another blog like I need another chocolate biscuit.

Not me - but it might as well have been

I have decided to try and get my thoughts about speech radio - and most notably comedy and drama - scrawled as coherently as I can on this virtual toilet wall.

I've never done anything like it before.


I have probably listened to the radio every single day of my life since I was a tiny child - I've been entertained, informed, amused, aghast, impressed and deflated by the sounds I've heard. This is the approach I wish to take with my blog - a listener with something to say. 

And hopefully a listener who can persuade, encourage and tempt non-listeners into a world of information, stimulation and imagination.

Taking the piss or pointing out short-comings is easy. So I'll probably do that at first ... but what I really want to do is have something constructive to say about an aspect of popular culture in the UK about which I care passionately.

I have no idea if anyone will ever read this - but there's little point in the false modesty of thinking "I'm doing this for me" - I already know what I think about stuff.  I want to find and converse with others who might share my point of view - or oppose it.

I just hope I can make it interesting (and short!) enough to catch somebody's attention.

Biscuit, anyone?



  1. Comment testing continued....
    And, in addition, even if it is not "for me" (you?), at least it will be "for you": in the sense that having to write your thoughts into a coherent linear(-ish) stream will help move your thinks onward and upward. Or something. Anyway, I am enjoying your blog (I am reading in reverse -- just read about the "interventions" -- they sound interesting/painful). :) Keep lobbing them bloggings!